Learning doesn't end at the last page of a textbook. A young person's education is about the world he or she inhabits. 

One Story Classroom broadens educational horizons by bringing the world to young people's homes and classrooms. All One Story Classroom materials are based on the CHANGES Curriculum Framework.

The CHANGES framework

The CHANGES Curriculum Framework began as an after-school program for children in Melbourne, Australia. It was borne of the conviction that all learning can - and should - be enjoyable, and of a desire to take education beyond the four walls of a classroom by facilitating opportunities for learning in informal, recreational spaces. 

Over time, the CHANGES Curriculum Framework has evolved to become more than just a manifesto for a renewed vision for education - over the years, it has become a blueprint for instruction in literacy, numeracy and the natural and social sciences for young people of all ages. 


The CHANGES Curriculum Framework has seven pillars, which reflect One Story Classroom's vision for education. 

C reative Expression

When a young person develops the power of expression, they possess the capacity for deep reflection and the ability to express their thoughts and opinions with accuracy, clarity and integrity. They also are equipped to use expression as a means of creating something of worth - be it in the form of  spoken or written communication, artistic work or innovative solutions. 

H olistic Approaches to Individual and Social Wellbeing

Developing a holistic understanding of individual and social wellbeing enables a young person to make decisions that are logically and morally consistent. This ability for foresight and complexity of thought allows a young person to appreciate the interconnectedness of an individual and society. This sense of connectedness to their natural and human environments inspires in them an appreciation for natural and human diversity, and awakens the intellect and a keen sense of justice.

A cademic Inquiry

When a young person develops confidence and independence as a learner, they are also able to develop the capacities that will encourage curiosity and enthusiasm in learning. These capacities will empower them to conduct self-directed academic inquiry and will open the door to lifelong learning for them.

N eighbourhood Classrooms & Engagement

A young person’s education is not limited to the classroom. There are a myriad of opportunities for learning to take place in new environments families, friends and the wider community can be creatively involved to facilitate holistic, real-world learning.

G lobal Citizenship

A young person who has come to recognise the essential oneness of humanity is able to respect and appreciate people from all walks of life. This fosters understanding and dialogue and enables them to find common ground with others even in situations where differences of belief, background and ideology between individuals are seemingly irreconcilable and insurmountable. 

E ngagement in Social Action

When a young person develops a spirit of service and an understanding of self, they are able to use their unique talents and strengths to contribute to the wellbeing of their community and engage meaningfully in the affairs of the world around them. 

S piritual Empowerment 

Spiritual empowerment, rather than seeking to impose a moral or religious framework upon a young person, instead seeks to empower them as independent thinkers and compassionate human beings. It fosters a sense of purpose and connectedness with others and develops the capacity to reflect on their beliefs, choices and actions. It also fosters resilience, a sense of perspective and clarity of thought by enabling them to perceive beyond what is immediately apparent in any given situation, and to respond in a thoughtful and deliberate manner in a way that aligns with the spiritual framework which they have built for themselves.

The name of the framework - CHANGES - speaks to a vision of education for change and of learning that empowers young people to become changemakers in their world. 

The CHANGES Curriculum Framework is an initiative of the light upon light foundation


The Light Upon Light Foundation creates safe and nurturing communities that are rich with the opportunities a child needs to grow and develop, through a joint focus on holistic approaches to education, youth leadership and community development approaches.