A global community of educators united by a shared vision for the future of learning.

As a social enterprise, we're looking to make our educational resources available and accessible as widely as possible. We're trying to build a worldwide collective of individuals, communities and organisations who would like to join us as co-creators in our work.

Storytelling Communities aims to build partnerships with educators of all kinds - teachers, parents, mentors, coaches, caregivers and community organisations - to deliver education and community development project in various communities.

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The Changemakers Collective aims to bring together educators from around the world who are committed to a renewed vision for education - one which is holistic and embedded in principles of self-actualisation, connectedness and a world-embracing vision.

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storytelling communities and the changemakers collective are projects of the light upon light foundation

The Light Upon Light Foundation creates safe and nurturing communities that are rich with the opportunities a child needs to grow and develop, through a joint focus on holistic approaches to education, youth leadership and community development approaches.