What we do

One Story Classroom creates educational resources that nurture young people's curiosity about the world they live in, inspire a love for learning and foster their intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional development. Our resources bring the world to young people by drawing from humanity's collective narrative - one story at a time. 


what we want for education

One Story Classroom is just one voice in a global community of educators united by a shared vision for the future of learning.

We believe that if education captures the imagination and inspires curiosity, learning continues long after a lesson ends. We believe that academic rigour is just as much about breadth of exposure as it is about depth of knowledge; that mastery is about far more than memorisation, drills and exam prep. 

More than anything, we want to put the heart and soul back into education - believing that awe and wonder are key to any intellectual undertaking; and that curiosity and a hunger for discovery are the hallmarks of an educated mind. 


Storytelling as Pedagogy



Education - if its aim is to help all young people fulfil their potential - has to find creative ways of catering to the diverse learning needs of young people.

Storytelling is one such approach and - with its ability to engage young people from all walks of life - can be used as a powerful tool for instruction. The CHANGES Curriculum Framework uses the art of storytelling to develop young people's capacity for academic and social inquiry, reflection and creative expression.

One Story Classroom is a project of the light upon light foundation, and operates as a social enterprise. 

The Light Upon Light Foundation creates safe and nurturing communities that are rich with the opportunities a child needs to grow and develop, through a joint focus on holistic approaches to education, youth leadership and community development approaches.